Advice and consulting

Advice and consulting for entire project developments, focusing tourism, entertainment and arts industry is our competence. Due to international experience and being involved in various development and change processes - BNS Management Consulting offers a full range package to investors, developers, institutions and private foundations.

Financial, operational and quality control

The financial success of your operation is essential to us. This can only go hand in hand with operational and quality control. We will develop tailer made tools with you to achieve best possible results on a long term basis.

Timely and efficient project realisation

Ideas need time to grow, time for creativity – project realization is a tool based on timing and efficiency. We are your partners encouraging your creativity and guaranteeing the realization.

Holistic and informed project coordination

Realizing projects is like juggling – you need practice, endurance, passion and knowledge. Nevertheless the unforeseen can happen. We are planning ahead and try to deal even with the unforeseen.

Networking is the key to success

In BNS Management Consulting you will find a reliable partner to improve the performance of your business. We tailor custom-fit strategies that meet the individual needs of your organisation and we diligently assist in implementing them. But our service does not end there. We firmly believe in networking to be the key to assure lasting success. To be the key to correct and impactful decision making. To revenue growth and to increased job satisfaction. Still not convinced? Why don't you have a look at what leading researchers and experts in the field of 'business networking' have to say:

We secure the success of your projects

bns consulting is an international boutique consulting firm specialised in the areas Tourism Management Consulting and Arts Consulting. We provide you with international experience based on practical knowledge gained through several cultural and hospitality projects and day to day practical experience in companies we worked for. Our network worldwide is our service - We connect and deliver!

Your success is our mission

We act, think and operate globally with over more than 20 years of business experience. Our strategic positions in the United Kingdom, Austria and Azerbaijan allow us to plan soundly, decide effectively and react flexibly. Your business needs have first priority when it comes to mastering obstacles and implementing the finest course of action. Our recipe for success: We believe in networking! Focusing on our core industries - tourism, arts and entertainment - we identify, hone and refine the most efficient synergy in order to find the right partners for every solution.

“The work approach of BNS is both ambitious and inspiring. Their hands-on mentality combined with an exceptional ability to identify and solve problems marks a great leap forward anytime we collaborate.”

Raffael Miribung Mir and Satellite

“Knowing BNS Management Consulting as a reliable partner – successfully developing business in different cultures – profund network and solution orientated.”

Thomas Wistavel A-Logistik

“Coming up with ideas – even crazy ones – is not chilling the team of BNS. The have a very holistic approach towards business development, handling financials as well as structure and HR planning. Not using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.”

Alexander Hamersky Maier Kaffee

“Knowing Niclas since years, I am always impressed by the networking capacity of BNS and the wide range of projects. Always structured and having an perfect overview. Like the style they are doing business!”

Herwig Ursin HeyU!

“For more than 15 years we are working in close partnership with BNS Consulting. Niclas is an expert in international related HR and legal issues and also one of our partners in cross boarder assignments in Eastern Europe. With his background, running different businesses as COO or CFO he always gives additional support to our clients.”

Reinhard J. Hager UBS Consulting

“Since we started our collaboration with Niclas Schmiedmaier and BNS Consulting, our company was always treated with upmost professionalism. We are very happy with this partnership and intend to develop it over the years to come.”

Paul Alezra Director Avesta Group

Niclas Schmiedmaier, LL.M.
Professional experience in arts management. Vast business and legal experience due to positions as Managing Director, Country Manager, HR Director and Legal Advisor held at organisations like University of Music and dramatic Arts,, Eybl International and Century Casinos, Inc. The past project management experience combined with financial, legal and HR positions held, guarantee a holistic view on the projects planned and implemented.

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Valentin Siglreithmaier
has spent years working in the international hospitality industry. As a top-level manager with purchasing responsibilities in the food-and-beverage and hotel businesses. And by opening several investment objects in the restaurant and hotel businesses, he has also gathered management experience (with up to 120 employees) and knowledge of the market. BNS also profits significantly from his large network in the restaurant and hotel businesses.

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Bernhard Schmiedmaier
A well trained tourism manager with an international track record in tourism. He could gain experience on top management level at companies like e.g. Landal Green Parks, Ligabue Catering, Oesterreichisches Verkehrsbuero and Forte Le Meridien Hotels. 20 years of hands-on working in hotel management, vast leadership and human resources experience are a solid basis for successful tourism management consulting.

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What are we looking for?

bns management consulting is searching for projects outside of the box, requests for services with a wide range of topics and a fast possibility for development. We love to think and create - standing by your side during development and implementation.

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