Maier Kaffee

Maier Kaffee is a registered trademark of the company M2 Event und Handels g.m.b.H., which is headquartered in Vienna. We got involved as business angle for start-up consultancy drafting the first business plans and forecasts. Honestly we have to confess that this is our own baby in Austria. Valentin established the idea to shake up the Austrian coffee market. Maier Kaffee was established with the objective of creating a new coffee brand for cafés, restaurants, and bars. Since it is clear that this market as a whole has only limited growth prospects, Maier Kaffee intends to base its business on an entirely new price structure.

Our expertise pertains to establishments serving food and drink and to the negotiation of coffee prices.High-quality coffee for the hospitality industry has become inordinately expensive due to how this market has developed over time. Specifically:costs have increased while benefits have decreased.The equipment and accessories needed to serve the coffee (machines, cups, etc.) have been and still are added to the price of the coffee itself by various companies.This entails higher basic prices for restaurateurs .At the moment, such prices on the Austrian coffee market range up to EUR 36 per kilogram. And after said equipment and accessories have been paid off, these prices do not fall, but remain as-is, thus raising the coffee distributors’ profit margins. Maier Kaffee aims to counter this development.

We work to reconcile gentle roasting, handwork, environmental protection, and the attendant social obligations. We partner with small roasting operations that offer a careful drum-roasting process that is clearly distinct from the processes favored by large industrial operations. And costs are reduced by accepting slimmer profit margins while at the same time still guaranteeing a fair price for producers. By ordering Maier Kaffee in 3, 6, or 12-month cycles, we reduce transport and financing expense and hence the price for our customers.In fact, this makes it possible to offer Maier Kaffee for as much as 50%-60% below the usual market price.

Appropriate financing packages for machines and mills are developed for customers on an individualized basis, employing either a direct financing lease or covering the costs via the coffee price and a fixed term of provision. In addition to being marketed as its own brand, Maier Kaffee also offers private labeling for customers—who can thus inexpensively offer guests their own “brands”. The coffee mixtures used in such brands are custom-developed for the customer based on the existing blends, thus providing the opportunity to treat guests to their own unique taste and aroma. M2 Event und Handels g.m.b.H. is also involved in areas that include consulting for the food and beverage industry and the organization of events.