URBAN VIEWS – Perspectives on the City

The 21st century will be the era of metropolises. Cities are already home to over half the world’s population, and this figure is projected to exceed three quarters 30 years from now. Social, political, economic, ecological, cultural – new challenges require new solutions.

All over the world, ongoing urban change on a broad scale is increasingly the focus of intense discussion, with individual developments being pointed out and solutions being formulated.

URBAN VIEWS is an independent think tank.

URBAN VIEWS is anchored and networked locally, regionally and internationally.

URBAN VIEWS offers experts, investors and decision makers from all fields a platform for exchange.

URBAN VIEWS procures exclusive access to decision makers from the worlds of politics, business and finance.

URBAN VIEWS offers its platform on an exclusive, international level.

A project we came along with during our engagement at Base-Level in Vienna. BNS could help to develop the structure of the organization as well as the basic concept papers. Why we do this? We like the out of the box approach, and we like to be challenged – try it out!