Eurovision Song Contest 2012 Baku Azerbaijan

We believe in networking, we believe in bringing together the best team, having fun a work, be creative and help creativity to grow in a project. Three weeks after Azerbaijan won the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2011 we had a project paper ready for the entire event panned in 2012. Our aim was: The Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) is one of the longest running television shows in the world. Baku as host city for the ESC 2012 will face an opportunity to promote the City of Baku and the Republic of Azerbaijan. This not only during the event, moreover due to branding, marketing and PR projects starting even before the ESC 2012 on May 26th 2012 will take place in Baku. Mega Events such an ESC require a myriad of different tools to be in place: Event Management, Event Production, It Systems, Security, a landmark event venue, planning, construction, logistics, PR, marketing and branding. BNS as coordinator of business development between Azerbaijan and Austria will introduce a consortium with companies, such as COOP_HIMMELB(L)AU, Siemens, Waagner-Biro, IMZ, Hey-U, etc, having expertise to develop, plan and manage such kind of events. We as a consortium will be able not only to produce; we can offer the planning, construction, logistics for the production and the event venue. Moreover due to well established partners in the international media scene, we can offer the best possible links to the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). Marketing, Branding and PR is of great importance and shall be strategically developed as soon as possible. BNS and the Austrian companies within this consortium would like to offer their services to encourage the successful production of the ESC Baku 2012 and for sustainable tourism development.

And you know what -sometimes you win, sometimes you lose – being second best in a competition is good but not good enough. But we a re still active in Baku, we still do business there – and we believe in long term strategies. Don’t give up – make your dreams become reality!