EURINDIA Industrial Trading Limited

BNS Consulting is generating together with EURINDIA ideas by research and development in its market segment of sanitation systems for railway operations. Sanitation systems for railway operations are EURINDIA’s business sector and core competence; especially in Asian market and the EVAC system covers the entire market for vacuum sanitary systems in Asia. EURINDIA Industrial Trading […]

ITI International Transportation

The second segment of expertise on the Asian market for BNS Consulting lies in India. ITI International Transportation Industries Ltd is specialized in the assembly of parts and prefab parts made in the USA and in Europe for its main market India. Sanitation systems for railway operations are ITI International Transportation Industries Ltd’s business sector […]

Asia Industrial UK

Asia Industrial UK Limited is specialized in the assembly of parts and prefab parts made in the USA and in Europe for its main market China. From 2014, assembly of complete integrated sanitary systems and direct distribution is taking place in China. Sanitation systems for railway operations are Asia Industrial’s business sector and core competence; […]

How Networking Can Become Your Competitive Advantage

Would you like to add Richard Branson to your network? How about Larry Page, or Sheryl Sandberg, or Marc Andreessen? That’d be great, of course, but innovation expert Deb Mills-Scofield says connecting with a big name may not be as helpful as you’d think. If you really want to learn from your network and use […]

Correlates of Networking Behavior for Managerial and Professional Employees

Networking is an important strategy for managing one’s career, but little is known about those who engage in networking behaviors. A study of 418 managers and professionals was conducted to examine the relationship of personal and job characteristics to involvement in networking. Multiple regression results showed that gender, socioeconomic background, self-esteem, extraversion, favorable attitudes toward […]

Business Networking: A necessary third millenium skill

If a single word defines the business environment a decade into the third millennium, it’s complexity. As organizations get larger, adopt complicated structures, become increasingly international, and deal more with outside vendors for key parts of their operations — all accelerating trends that show no signs of abating — new pressures are put on individuals […]

What Is Business Networking, Anyway?

Business networking is leveraging your business and personal connections to bring you a regular supply of new business. The concept sounds simple, doesn’t it? Don’t let that fool you, though. Because it involves relationship building, it can be a deceptively complex process. Think about it. How many people do you know? How many of these […]