Austrian Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce

Sometimes the ways of getting involved in new business are not as straight forward as you might think. Being open for new things and new ideas. Ever heard of a lawyer and a business man developing a chamber of commerce based in Vienna and dealing with Azerbaijan? We did – simple by accident and 2 years later ending up with 27 trips to Baku.

The Austrian-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce (ATAZ) was established in Vienna in 2009 at the initiative of leading entrepreneurs from both countries. The Chamber’s activities are geared towards the intensification and strengthening of economic relations between Azerbaijan and both Austria and Central Europe. BNS Management Consulting worked as consultant for business development, acquisition and project development.

One of our major projects in Baku was the organization of the Vienna Business Days in Baku with the Vice Major of Vienna, Ms renate Brauner and nearly 70 delegates from Austria.

Thats us as well, being challenged in new areas, in new surroundings and different cultures. And the best out come beside new experiences we can offer for our clients – new connections, broader network and sometimes new friends.