Anna und Andi Bar Gastronomie

BNS always gets in contact with young entrepreneurs often focused on new gastronomic ideas. Creativity and passion is what we like to meet at business. The idea of Anna and Andi Bar was a rough idea to be different to be out of the box to create something new. Both Anna and Andi have a proven track record in management of gastronomic enterprises, but starting from the scratch is something different. We got involved at that moment and could first of all be the right partner for Anna and Andi not to loose their creativity. Aiming for 200% is what we encourage, let us do the framework, the scaffold for the next steps. Following the concept idea BNS became the partner for the development of the business plan, the first move towards financing, the planing of the team structure and the development of controlling tools. We now wish Anna and Andi Bar to keep their creativity and make their dream reality.