EURINDIA Industrial Trading Limited

BNS Consulting is generating together with EURINDIA ideas by research and development in its market segment of sanitation systems for railway operations. Sanitation systems for railway operations are EURINDIA’s business sector and core competence; especially in Asian market and the EVAC system covers the entire market for vacuum sanitary systems in Asia. EURINDIA Industrial Trading […]

ITI International Transportation

The second segment of expertise on the Asian market for BNS Consulting lies in India. ITI International Transportation Industries Ltd is specialized in the assembly of parts and prefab parts made in the USA and in Europe for its main market India. Sanitation systems for railway operations are ITI International Transportation Industries Ltd’s business sector […]

Asia Industrial UK

Asia Industrial UK Limited is specialized in the assembly of parts and prefab parts made in the USA and in Europe for its main market China. From 2014, assembly of complete integrated sanitary systems and direct distribution is taking place in China. Sanitation systems for railway operations are Asia Industrial’s business sector and core competence; […]

Anna und Andi Bar Gastronomie

BNS always gets in contact with young entrepreneurs often focused on new gastronomic ideas. Creativity and passion is what we like to meet at business. The idea of Anna and Andi Bar was a rough idea to be different to be out of the box to create something new. Both Anna and Andi have a […]

Austrian Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce

Sometimes the ways of getting involved in new business are not as straight forward as you might think. Being open for new things and new ideas. Ever heard of a lawyer and a business man developing a chamber of commerce based in Vienna and dealing with Azerbaijan? We did – simple by accident and 2 […]

Base Level Creating Spaces

base-level – Creating Space was a gallery project conceived to inspire visitors to explore art in new and different ways by leveraging the involvement of young, upcoming artists with corporate marketing and PR. Creating a unique amalgam of media base-level together with BNS developed a crisp set of strategies to bring these entities closer together. Located in the bustling center of […]

Thyssen Bornemisza Art Contemporary

TBA21 a philanthropic art foundation, founded by Francesca von Habsburg. TBA21 is one of the leading private foundations in contemporary arts in Europe, hosting more than 600 art pieces of contemporary art. TBA21 is dedicated to commission contemporary art on highest level internationally, exhibiting in Vienna, Venice, Istanbul, as well as in South America. Niclas […]

Maier Kaffee

Maier Kaffee is a registered trademark of the company M2 Event und Handels g.m.b.H., which is headquartered in Vienna. We got involved as business angle for start-up consultancy drafting the first business plans and forecasts. Honestly we have to confess that this is our own baby in Austria. Valentin established the idea to shake up […]